Flight 1549 “The Miracle On The Hudson” | Faith in the Aftermath

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Hi friends, Leah here! How was your Christmas? I hope you enjoyed it. Today we have an extra special treat for you all. Today my sister, Karin Rooney, is writing a guest post for us. If you follow our social media accounts you’ll know by now, that nine years ago Karin was on Flight 1549, also known as The Miracle on the Hudson. She recently released a book {Sink or Swim: Life After Crash Landing in the Hudson} sharing her journey of faith after this traumatic experience.

Now I may be slightly biased, but the book is absolutely amazing. It’s a beautiful, real-life, encouraging, story of overcoming. Even if you haven’t experienced a crash-landing you’ll find her story relatable and uplifting. 

We decided to team up with her for the book release to bring our Faith Heirlooms friends a set of printables that correlate with her book. So we have a devotional written by Karin, some memory verse cards, cutout stickers and some art to frame, all available in our shop now. Be sure to get the book and the printable set, after you read Karin’s post of course.

And now without further ado, here is Karin’s guest post:

Flight 1549

Many people have heard about the amazing 2009 water landing of flight 1549 on the Hudson River. Sully Sullenburger was the pilot and after a flock of Canadian geese hit the engine and failed attempts to land at nearby airports, the plane landed somewhere other than the tarmac at the airport.

As I sat in seat 18E on that plane in 2009 and we made a turn back towards the airport I thought for sure we were going to La Guardia. Even after our captain came on and said “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain, brace for impact” I still thought we were about to land on solid ground. During those 208 second from strike to landing, Chris, my boyfriend at the time, did not mention the future which laid ahead. He knew full well where we were landing. I know it was God’s mercy and kindness that I did not know what the next moments held.

When we did land in the water I sat up cheery and ready to taxi to our gate. As I saw water rush up the aisle my whole world turned. I did not know where we were and from that moment, until we were on the wing I believed I was going to drown in that plane. It was only about 10 seconds from my realization to exiting the sinking plane.

For those 10 seconds, my whole being, mind, body and spirit believed I was going to die and drown in that plane. While our ordeal turned out to be miraculous and all passengers survived, those moments of fear were real.

Even though I did not die. Even though I walked out unscathed physically, that 10 seconds planted a seed.

Seeds Take Root

I know today, almost 9 years later, that the seed planted was the real fear and terror of imminent death. That is what stuck with me and was planted so deep.

How many of you have ever believed something about who you are, about your situation, your life, worthiness, value and safety? While some are about your character, some are about your physical body and life. If 10 seconds changed me, imagine the person who has believed a lie or thought for weeks, months, years or decades? If you believe you are unworthy, unsafe, unlovable, a liar, a waste of time, a burden- that goes to the core.

The best thing you can do is know God will guide the healing. He will reveal in His tender time. He won’t overwhelm. He’ll show Himself faithful and as you see His character He will reveal more. He will show you truths of who you are from His Word, let that guide you.

Many of lies and beliefs we have probably start innocently. Not true for all. The enemy takes one lie and tags on more and more and pretty soon you can’t even see the first place it all started. Today is the day to proclaim who God is, who you are in Him, and let those wash over you as you release the burdens of this world. The lies. The false beliefs.

Washed in The Word

Something I have felt a strong sense from God lately is the idea of being washed in the word. It’s not an idea though. It’s a physical way to put on what we believe. Lies come, His Word will be the sword you keep. The belt of truth, His Word, is all around you!

Pour the truth over yourself. Who is God? Who does God say you are? That can come through reading the word, scripture memory, listening to worship music and  beautiful art for your home. We can redeem those seconds, those days and years. I think you will be humbled at how quickly the Lord penetrates your heart and shatters the lies. Let the truth reign in your heart.

Comment below with things you do to wash yourself in the word and let truth reign in your heart. Also,  don’t forget to get your own copy of Karin’s book here and a copy of our Choose This Day Devotional Kit in our shop. Share your reactions and creations on social media and tag us @thebooksinkorswim and @faithheirlooms.




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