Happy Birthday Faith Heirlooms | One Year Anniversary Sale!

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One Year Down

You guys… Can you even believe that it has been one year since we started this whole Faith Heirlooms thing? I can’t. It’s crazy to think that a year ago today we posted our first blog. Shortly after we launched our first products in our shop and since then we’ve been running full speed. We were so excited but had no idea what the future would hold. To be honest we had no idea what we were even doing.

Jeanna and I have learned a lot through our first year. We’ve had moments of excitement, joy and inspiration. Along with moments of discouragement, writer’s/artist’s block and difficulty keeping up. To be honest without each other and the Grace of God, we probably would have quit months ago. But we haven’t quit and we don’t plan on it. This year has been led by God, He’s been in the whole process, even when we failed to notice Him. We feel this is His project and we just have to keep following where it leads.

The great part about this year, with it’s highs and lows, is that we’ve grown immensely. We’ve grown as artists, we’ve grown as business women, we’ve grown as friends, but most importantly we’ve grown in our walks with the Lord. This is because we’ve been committed wholeheartedly to creating in our Bibles on a consistent basis. When you’re digging into God’s Word, He shows up and reveals himself to you. He takes the scary and hard things and reminds you that He’s walking with you.

2018 Goals

We’ve got some big goals for our next year of business. To be honest they are goals that we will not accomplish without the favor and grace of God. And that’s a good thing because we are putting it all in His hands. This whole Faith Heirlooms thing is for Him and His glory. The ultimate goal this year it to lift His name higher and make it more known in the world; to show others the joy of deeply knowing God and to know Him better ourselves. If we can accomplish that, we will be a success.

Let the Celebrations Begin!

So you may be wondering how we are going to celebrate our one year anniversary… Well we have a few things in mind.

First, we’ve updated our original Faith Heirlooms sticker set. It’s available in the shop today and for one day only the old set will also be available. After 1/8/18 it will be officially retired, so get it while you can.We’ve taken our original devotional and updated it as well, but now you can access that in our freebie section! Seriously, if you are curious about the inspiration behind the name and business Faith Heirlooms, this devotional is it. Make sure you take advantage of getting it for FREE!

Finally, we want to thank all our supporters through our first year by offering a sale for the next week in our shop. Take 15% off your entire purchase (including clearance items) through 1/13/18. Just use code HAPPYONE when you check out.

Thank you all so much for your support and love over the first year. We are just getting started and are so excited for what is to come! So stay tuned!

Have you been blessed by Faith Heirlooms during our first year as a business? If so, it would be so encouraging to hear how. Comment below or share on social media @faithheirlooms and wish us a happy birthday!




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Welcome to the Blog!

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